[Life] The First of a Generation Leads Yet again

The First of a Generation Leads Yet again

 When his dad, more than likely his best friend, found him he was hours on his way to the next level.

The grief a parent must feel when he realizes he has outlived his own child can not be measured in any known,  defined ways here on earth.  It is beyond understanding even to those who experience it.

This lad was one whose number of friends overwhelmed any possible counts of others. A product of wonderful genetics, an amazingly lovely mom and a strapping father, he had grown into a bear of a man himself.

In my bloodline, we are represented by the occasional larger-size person, complemented by many normals and a few well-defined smalls. He was of the larger than life variety, in various capacities admired in many circles and the kind of fellow, if you saw him walking down the street, you’d think to yourself, ‘There’s a guy I’d like to meet.’ If you were lucky enough to have met him, or luckier still, to be related, you knew you were lucky.

So why was he called, at an age all of us older think of way too young and yet those of fewer years recognize as being in the prime.

We have all had other family pass on. It is a constant everyone shares, that we all will move on and meet up again.

So he is with those predescendents now, once again the child of the group, but welcomed anew into the family we all hold in our hearts and minds.

I like to think those I know who go before I have gone immediately become intimate guardian angels, an important job for which no one volunteers but necessary all the same.

He is the first of his generation to pass, way too soon.

But he is with them now, for me, my grandmother who is the wisest and toughest person I will ever know, my uncle (his grandfather), my aunts and, even this year, my own mom with my dad gone from here more than four decades.

I am comforted to think he is helping defeat those who would defeat me and my extended family.

No, I do not understand the timing. The why. The foreverness of  it.

I recognize the necessity, the inevitability. If ever I come to understand it all, I will be there too.

And he will be among those welcoming me home.


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