[Life] September’s Song Is always Sweet

September’s Song Is always Sweet


Some folks celebrate spring.

Some folks celebrate the 4th of July and summer parades.

Some folks celebrate the December holiday season.

I celebrate September.

Every September has been big to me. Both my parents were born in September. My dad and his mom both died that month, he before her in one of those life swerves, but on the exact same day (not year) of that month. I got married one fine September afternoon.

I have seen births and other deaths.

And this year I saw two new beginnings.

My first grandchild was born in September of 2012. It is a big deal for me because my dad did not live long enough to meet his son’s wife, much less my children. He was never a grandfather. His dad died in a similar sequence.

So, for me to live long enough to become a grandfather was one of those life goals. And I made it,

 That same month, a child of a good friend of mine got married. This was Aaron, the fourth of five sons of a friend of almost 30 years. I can say with certainty he is the first guy I have seen grow from child to man. I have nephews with whom I am not as close. They honored us by sitting us with the groom’s parents at the reception.

As I was watching the fun at the reception, it reminded me I was privileged to witness the enthusiasm of two new beginnings, a married life and the arrival of Meghan’s daughter.

The wedding group was just plain fun. The dances, the football-centric entrance/introduction of  the wedding party, each wearing a football jersey, the toasts, even seeing the old curmudgeon friend his own self on the dance floor twice.

People just couldn’t help joining the party. As I told Michelle, the bride, the colors of my own wedding were so similar. The browns and golds, the earth tones symbolizing another successful year winding down.

It was fun as well, for me, to be back in an old Indiana Courthouse for the reception. We honor our heritage hereabouts by saving these limestone icons. When I started my writing career at Crown Point, it was in September. One of the first stories I did was a thorough tour of the Courthouse, then shuttered for the most part. It was not yet repurposed, so most of all but the basement was dusty and unused. The courtroom was a great setting, a scene from a movie. I remember going to the very top cupola and seeing the sunlight streaming in through traditional cutouts up there.  The sense of connectivity to our past, to traditions was strong,

And so it was at the reception, a new start in a traditional setting. How cool.

The birth of  Jayde also was enthusiastically welcomed. A whole new life, just fluttering into reality. So pure, so right, like a newly married couple.

It is easy in these times to get down, to believe nothing will ever be better.

But a special wedding and a special arrival have instead convinced me the future is alright. There is fun and joy in the world. There is renewed celebration and, most of all, a belief this is just the start of the best of times.

It’s something we all can share.




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