[Life] Life’s Close Calls

Life’s Close Calls

Have you ever experienced a moment in which, at the moment you know it is one you will remember forever?

I was this/close to death.

Me and Mikayla had gone to church in Gary, at my old home church, at my sister’s church still. We went because I was home and because the Mass was for my recently-departed aunt. We had the usual post-Mass dinner with my sister, talked awhile and then headed home.

I am doing a new thing with the teen queen, which is ask her how to get back home. She will be driving in two years and she needs to learn a sense of where we are and where we want to be. It’s part of my “have a plan” mantra with her.

So I asked her how to get home from the restaurant and she missed a turn by four blocks, but we backtracked – she had to call all the turns — and were on our way again. As we made a main intersection, approaching our hometown, we caught as stoplight.

There was traffic headed at us, turning across our lane and that made me hesitate a millisecond because some folks gun it and make a quick turn.

It was a life-changing hesitation. On my right came another car, with a definite red light as all of use had started into the intersection and this driver did not slow. Had I proceeded with the light, I would have been t-boned and likely killed. The driver swerved into an empty lane and didn’t slow as he gunned onwards.

I stopped and the guy opposite me made the face of not believing what he saw and maybe what he expected to witness.

We went on home.

I did not stop reliving the moment for hours.

I had always said – and shared – that one of my main life goals was to live long enough to be the first grandfather in three generations. I did that 12 days before this incident. The anniversary of my dad’s death was less than 48 hours away and the anniversary of his birth was in this same week.

So who saved me? My dad comes to mind as I continue to have years he never got. Was it my aunt, in thanks for attending her memorial Mass? Then again, if I had not made that effort I would not have been in that intersection at that moment.

If I had not stayed to meet my sister and eat, same thing. If I had headed home with the misdirection of MikMak, same thing. You can obviously overthink the wonderment of life’s little pathways.

I am not ready to depart this life, that I know. I was spared a gruesome crash, that I know. Mikayla was spared as well.

This is the fourth or fifth dodging of the end of  my destiny of which I am aware.

There has got to be a purpose for which I am being spared.

So the  search continues.



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